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Events Archive

Apart from the anniversary events or events organized by associations, which are supported by the Council according to the degree of their cultural/social offer, the following community events are additionally taking place:

6th Cultural Event


Visit of Mr. Kostas Karamanlis to Kellaki

Cultural Night
It takes place during the summer period, approximately around the end of June. Included in the agenda of the Cultural Night are:

  1. Dancing and traditional music by a selected band with the spontaneous participation of the public. The enthusiastic and spontaneous participation of the public gives a special colour to the event.
  2. Reward of young students and other social groups or persons.
  3. Free disposal of traditional food and sweets.
  4. Food and drinks with in low prices

The event takes place under the auspice of a Government Minister and is sponsored by the Cultural Decentralization Programme ‘Athena’ of the Ministry of Education and Culture. In 2009, the Cultural Night has been programmed for the 10th of July (Friday).    

Easter Events
They take place on every Sunday of Easter at the surrounding grounds of the Church of Agios Georgios and on every Monday of Easter at the Outdoor Events’ Site and at the Community Stadium. Several traditional games are revived during the events in addition to sports competitions, bingo, and a musical performance by a magician. Moreover, there is free disposal of food and drinks.   

Community Blood Donation
It takes place in every May/June by the Community Council and the Blood Bank of Kellaki, in cooperation with the Coordinating Committee for Blood Donation and Enlightenment of Lemesos.
In 2009, the Community Blood Donation has been completed for the 31st of May.

Green Monday Event
It takes place with the cooperation of the Community Council and the Ecclesiastical Committee, at the local park of Archanggelos.

Annual Pilgrimage Excursion
It takes place in every October/November, with the cooperation of the Community Council and the Ecclesiastical Committee.

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